Film Investment

We are applying a new data driven approach to film investment utilizing Silicon Valley best practices in A.I. and Machine Learning and decades of film industry experience with a core focus on small to mid-sized independent films.

Our approach directly benefits investors who can realize reliable, out-sized returns while also providing more profitable opportunities to filmmakers, theaters and distributors.

We have made notarized and GAAP audited predictions on hundreds of films prior to their release using only information known prior to production to prove our capabilities. 95.8% of the films we selected for investment made more money back at the box office alone than the cost of their production budgets. For our core focus of smaller budget films, all of the selections had positive ultimates.

Data Driven Approach


As investments continue, our data intelligence grows, keeping us agile and ahead of the curve. We will continue to maximize monetization of a growing rights catalogue to provide long term value to investors.


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